18 Feb

Simple Plumbing Jobs You Can Handle Yourself

If you’re like most people, plumbing jobs are outside your comfort zone. When we see water overflowing a basin and blockages where it should flow freely, we’re at a loss, and our only solution is to call a plumber. Actually, most plumbing problems fall into only a few categories, and the fixes are simple enough that anyone can do them provided they have the proper tools. For tips on repairing easy plumbing issues without involving the expense of a professional plumber, keep reading.

The most common plumbing issues are usually quite simple, involve clogs and leaks and they can happen anywhere in your plumbing system. Acquaint yourself with where the shut-off valves are located in your home so that if you develop a leak, you’ll be able to turn off the water running to that area until it’s diagnosed and repaired. Just this little knowledge can end up saving you from a lot of expensive damages and repairs.

Plumbing Tools

The tools that you’ll need to fix most plumbing issues can be purchased in your local hardware store, and it’s a good idea to have the basics already on hand, because when a water emergency happens, and it will, you’ll be ready to respond immediately. Some of the items you should have include:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • A heavy-duty rubber plunger
  • A plumber’s snake
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Both a regular and a Phillips screwdriver
  • Simple household cleaning products, such as lemon juice and baking soda
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Adjustable pipe wrench

Although the list may seem somewhat intimidating, you don’t have to buy everything at once. Start with a plunger and then add to your plumbing toolbox gradually as you can afford to.

Clogged drains are the most common plumbing problem. It’s just something that happens from time to time. A plunger is an absolute necessity as something to start with. Usually a clogged toilet or sink can be cleared by just plunging it several times. A plunger forces water and air into pipes which usually is enough to clean it out and let water run freely again. If this doesn’t work, you can try running a plumber’s snake down the drain to see if the metal tape will free it up.¬†Once you’ve opened the pipe, run plenty of water down it to make sure it’s clean.

Plumbing snakes are available in a variety of sizes and can be rented from most tool rental outlets. Most of the tools needed for the jobs mentioned in this article are usually found lying around the house. If a plumbing problem arises and you want to tackle it yourself, you should consider investing in the tool needed at the time thereby building your toolbox as needed.

Leaking Faucets

Leaking faucets and shower heads can be removed using a pipe wrench or screwdriver. Take the fixture apart and clean every piece inside and out with a gentle solution of baking soda or lemon juice and water. Replace worn screws and gaskets. Once the faucet is reassembled and back in place, make sure everything is tight. Most times, this will correct the leakage problem. Be sure you shut off the water before tackling this job, though.

If all of this is too much or you’re the kind of person who would rather pay a professional to take care of it for you, then we suggest looking online for a Vancouver plumber near you to fix the problem for you. Most plumbing companies are reputable because word travels fast in this industry, especially when everyone is leaving reviews online about plumbers they’ve dealt with. In fact the easiest way to find a good plumbing contractor close to your home is find the names of a few companies close to your area and then search on their company name + the word reviews. You’ll find the best ones will have a number of good reviews that sound realistic. It wont be hard to stop fake reviews, so just go with your gut and research the reviews of a few local plumbers. If you live in the southeast corner of BC, we have the name of a great plumbing company in Vancouver who have been doing excellent work for decades in the Vancouver BC region. Here it is listed below

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